The Attic, The Basement, The Barn

h.u.e is planning to release ‘The Attic, The Basement, The Barn’ in 2015:

'The Attic, The Basement, The Barn'

    is         an intimate audio/visual collection

from h.u.e.

  • The chapbook consists of original poetry     and prose

    exploring the intersection of an artist's dreams,
    an idealist's hopes,
    and an activist's vision. 

  • The written pieces are punctuated by sparse

    Holga 110 and Nikon 35mm manual photographs
    taken in rural     settings throughout

    North Carolina.

  • The chapbook

    includes a 10-song audio companion 'Blanket Weather'

          comprised of

    songs and

    spoken word tracks culled from h.u.e's

    limited-run EPs (2001-2004),
    as well as several previously unreleased recordings.

'The Attic, The Basement, The Barn'


thematic emphasis on



redefining one's relationship
to the

natural world.

(hope-uplifts-everything. always-reaching-there.)