The Attic,
The Basement,
The Barn

poetry + Music

A "Rural Hip-Hop Blues" Collection


20+ pages of poetry that places thematic emphasis on space/shelter, solitude/community, and redefining one’s relationship to the natural world.


a 10-song audio companion comprised of songs and spoken word tracks culled from h.u.e’s limited-run EPs (2001-2004), as well as several previously unreleased recordings.

Finally, I hit a squirrel.
Savoring the victory, I watch the sun sulk towards the river.
Unlike the customers that use the front door,
we don’t expect our skin to protect us.
In the distance, the moon prepares its ascent,
smiling quietly because it knows who will win the war.

Like a bugler sounding taps,
a solitary woodpecker drums on the big live oak,
dislodging droves of opportunistic insects,
larvae waiting to rise like Easter Sunday.

Sprinkle faith in the places we need it most,
fill up these old Cheerwine bottles and
send them soaring like geese over fallow tobacco fields,
clappers eager to chime.

excerpt from "Easter Sunday"

  • Percent of Lyft drivers that dig it

    *exclusive polling in E. Hyde Park, Chicago*

  • average grams of fat per poem

    *add 3 extra grams for prose pieces*

  • avg decibel level for blanket weather songs

    *analog 4-track recordings, headphones recommended*

  • times submitted before accepted

    *you are not forgotten, my darlings*

the crew

Folks that inspired, encouraged, pestered, and convinced me to make this a reality
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marya spont-lemus

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darin wahl

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Katherine don

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Audrey Petty

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Kim bookless


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