Visual Art

Visual compositions typically fall into two categories:
1) tempera, gauche, and watercolors on paper, and
2) acrylic paints and India ink on found mediums (birch bark, corrugated metal, suitcases, particle board).

The majority of h.u.e’s visual art is 3-dimensional as he believes the viewer must touch and handle the work to see it wholly. To accentuate this, many pieces include the use of thread, wire, and yarn to join multiple sections of one composition. It is also common for h.u.e to incorporate prose into his visual work, highlighting his value of working across mediums.

From 2003 – 2005 h.u.e created several collaborative pieces with book, paper, and letterpress artist Jennifer Brook (Brooklyn, NY).

In 2004, h.u.e displayed four years’ of collected works at the first annual CooperRiis Art Show (Mill Spring, NC).

In 2005, h.u.e collaborated with Indiana-based media artist JM Otis for a series of 35mm black-and-white nature photos, and medium-format Holga prints shot in rural Polk County, NC, titled the ‘Floating on Farm’ series.

Currently h.u.e is developing storyboards for two in-process children’s projects.