Written Art

In written art, h.u.e has three broad areas of interest: storytelling, creative writing, and community development.

Since an early age h.u.e has been fascinated by narratives.
His mother ran a home-based childcare center where story time was just as essential as nap time.
h.u.e strives to strike a balance between the abstract voice of a cinematic narrator and the first person transparency of a thought-balloon. Since 2012, h.u.e has been combining his improv background and story-telling passion by telling “stylized autobiographical monologues” at open mics.

Creative Writing
h.u.e appreciates the freedom and liberation of oral story-telling and is equally appreciative of the time-honored traditions of connecting fountain pen to paper, typewriter bar to ink ribbon, or stylus to tablet screen. Self-published projects include:

  • A hand-bound, limited edition prose book, ’40 days & 40 nights’ (2003),
  • A hand-illustrated short story, ‘The Girl Who Dreamed Roses’ (2002), and
  • A deck of mix-media essays for Warren Wilson College graduation board, ‘Footnotes’ (2001).

Poetry and prose have appeared in: