Saleem Hue Penny headshot (credit Peter Tsa 2020)
Saleem Hue Penny (he/him/friend), a “rural hip-hop blues” poet

Image description – 

Saleem Hue Penny (he/him/friend) is a Black man with a beard, clear glasses, and an eyeshield over his right eye. Not visible is a right-sided cochlear implant. He wears a white/black mosaic print shirt, a bright red snapback cap (reading: “Dope & Carefree & Proud & Black”), a thin chain necklace with a hand stamped car key (reading: “Deadbolt Determination”). He is positioned against a solid black backdrop, three-quarter angled towards the camera. His right hand is propping up his partially-paralyzed cheek, he appears to smirk, but it’s actually a huge smile preparing to unfurl.


Alt text: A portrait of Saleem Hue Penny (he/him/friend)


Caption: Saleem Hue Penny (he/him/friend), a “rural hip-hop blues” poet