Saleem Hue Penny (him/friend) is a Black poet utilizing a self-described “rural hip-hop blues” aesthetic to create work that integrates a Black, Disabled, Ecopoetics. He also uses drum loops, gouache, and birch bark to create hybrid audio/mixed media pieces under the moniker h.u.e (hope – uplifts – everything).  

A Chicago-based arts educator, volunteer Hospital Magician, macro social worker, and mutual aid advocate, Saleem’s movement work is directly informed by his experience of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, single-sided deafness, Bipolar II, and chronic resilience. 

The 2021 Poetry Coalition Fellow at Zoeglossia, an Assistant Poetry Editor at Bellevue Literary Review, and a proud Cave Canem Fellow, his writing and hybrid art pieces explore how young people of color traverse wild spaces and define freedom on their own terms. 

From the mountains of “Affrilachia” to the “pluff mud” of the Lowcountry, may his work nurture and inspire you.

Thanks y’all.