With 1940’s blues, 80’s reggae, and late 90’s spoken-word influences, h.u.e broadens the definition of hip-hop music. His self-described genre is titled “RURAL HIP-HOP BLUES” in part because many songs are recorded outdoors and tend to be sparse and reflective, while still fusing modern electronic drum machine programming.

h.u.e began cultivating his musical style in 1997 at various open mic performances with friends and started recording solo songs in the summer of 2001. Full-length musical releases include:

In collaboration with NYC-based musician Jon Reid (aka jar-e), the two artists record as Processions. The duo released a self-titled double-CD in 2001 and a 3-song EP ‘Coming Back’ in 2006. In 2007 they recorded a mix-tape ‘Charred Beef and Bittersweet Tea’ using samples from local producers.

In 2008 and 2009 h.u.e contributed singles to jar-e’s solo albums. In January 2012, h.u.e began the ambitious task of covering jar-e’s 2001 debut cassette ‘The Roughest Hue’. Digging through crates to find the original liner notes and dusty collage artwork, h.u.e committed to re-interpret one of jar-e’s most under-appreciated releases. ‘Recurring Dream: The Roughest Hue Revisited’ is slated for Summer 2022 release.

Since 2011, h.u.e embraced the power of the SoundCloud platform to foster collaboration and creativity with virtual collaborators as well as the local Chicago DIY-scene.

During the first 5 years of SoundCloud, h.u.e collaborated on a variety of singles with producers ranging from Japan to Minneapolis, Italy to Indiana:

Prior to SoundCloud, h.u.e found collaborators the old school way: exchanging homemade CD-Rs on a farm in the Berkshire Mountains after working a hot August shift in a dairy barn and discovering a mutual passion for hip hop.                                                   

In 2021, h.u.e hopes to return to the studio. He’s experimenting with a blend of vignettes and songs. 

…Oh yeah, his preschool-aged twins recently offered to help complete the Lucy demo… stay tuned!